How to build php, php_cairo and php_gtk on windows
A repeatable method to perform an "artistic" task
Posted by gf on August 12th, 2012

PHP is the most widely used language for web application development. In spite of this, nobody uses PHP to develop desktop apps. I suppose one of the main problems is the lack of an easy to install, prebuilt package. There were only a few win32 binary releases, and each of them was released after a long period of silence. This is not a criticism to php-gtk developers (a BIG THANK to everyone involved), but users always had the feeling of a dead project.

The real problem is the lack of enough developers, packagers, doc-writers, so I decided to contribute some documentation to build php-gtk on Windows.

It took me a few weeks and the recipe is very long and tedious. But it should be repeatable. The recipe for PHP 5.3 is on Github, so everyone can contribute to improve it.